how to covert pes 2017 kit to pes 2018 kit

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how to covert pes 2017 kit to pes 2018 kit

Postby aliheidari2520 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:57 am

first download this PSD file and open it by photoshop ... o+2018.psd

now drag your pes 2017 kit to photoshop
select all by ctrl+A, copy it by ctrl+C, go to that file you downloaded before in photoshop area, paste by ctrl+V ... now you have your pes 2017 kit as a new layer in that file.

(open pictures in new tab to see them completely)
now select socks correction layer and make it blue
then use Magic Wand Tool and click on socks to select socks area in your kit

now select your 2017 kit layer and make it blue
push ctrl+T to resize selected area
do resizing by mouse from only one side according to this picture to 84.4% (do not type 84.4% in w box ! because it will resize it from both side ... only do it by mouse from one side to reach 84.4%)

do those steps (both pictures) for another socks too.

do same steps by short sleeve correction layer for short sleeves according to these pictures. resize it only from one side to 85.8%

also you can do the same with long sleeves to 99.3% (but most of the kits doesn't need correction in long sleeve area because it is very little change and mostly unnoticeable)

now do same steps by collar correction layer for collar according to these pictures. resize it only from down side to 82.3% (vertical resize)

for those kit that have relevant design between collar and shirt(they are very rare), you should resize collar horizontally too.
honestly I didn't test it because I didn't faced those type of kits yet ... but you should do horizontal resizing from both side, so you shouldn't do this one by mouse! but type it in w box by keyboard (for example 90% ... as I mentioned before I didn't test it to determine an exact percent, but don't worry ! almost every kit doesn't need collar horizontal resizing)
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