MYBET EUROPE OPEN 23 OCTOBER 2016, PES2017 online tournament

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MYBET EUROPE OPEN 23 OCTOBER 2016, PES2017 online tournament

Postby PESHOLLAND » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:31 am

Hi guys,

hope you don't mind me posting this, we're doing it for the fun of it!


Pesholland will provide a monthly online PES2017 tournament on Playstation 4 where European PES gamers can join in and have a opportunity to win €210 in Mybet Cash prizes.

The first tournament will be on 23RD OF OCTOBER from 2pm to 8pm.
(under reservation of delays, with a possibility of the finals being played 24th of October 8pm)

In fact, participation is actually free. However, every participant needs to deposit €5 onto his/her new Mybet account, and you will obtain the free bet if you place a minimum bet of € 1.00 within 7 days. The free bet is valid for 7 days once received.

(Customer has 7 days to use the free bet with minimum odds of 1.00. The money will then be credited to the customer’s account and is directly cashable. Please give the Mybet Terms and conditions page a visit for more info:

You will enter the knock out competition to win the following prizes

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Do you want to meet your opponents? let them know you will be the winner? join our forum: ... B%2Furl%5D

How it works:

– Register at HTTP://MYBET.PESHOLLAND.COM/(PMO players can use their existing PMO login)
– Join in for the Tournament on the site
– Register on Mybet by clicking on this link: ... B%2Furl%5D
– Transfer 5 euros to your account
– We will confirm your enlistment
– Prepare to be online on the day of the event, at least an hour before it start for check-in on MYBET.PESHOLLAND.COM
– Play your matches, and if you win or lose, enter or confirm the scores on MYBET.PESHOLLAND.COM


-The ‘home’ team invites the other player in a friendly match lobby online
-free choice in clubs & teams, no custom, legend or classic teams
-One 10 minute match
-Injury Time: ON
-Penalties: ON
-Ball: Continue
-Weather: normal
-If there is lag or a bad connection, you still need to finish the game! no stopping allowed. PLAY ON A CABLE CONNECTION! NO WIFI
-No insults and cursing at other players
-Save last 15 min of gameplay for proof, in case of a conflict in score confirmation

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