Forum Rules - Everyone Please Read

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Forum Rules - Everyone Please Read

Postby kitanamedia » Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:23 pm

Welcome to the Kitana Media Network© Forums. With the launch of the forums we hope to establish a great location for viewers to discuss the latest news, details and releases. As a forum member, you can post messages in any of the forums. We aim to provide a haven for all fans of the game to come discuss, communicate and spread experiences with the games that we all love. To this end, we ask that all members read and adhere to the following rules.

Main Forum Rules
Members of these forums must not;
  • Post libellous, insulting, antagonistic, racist, sexist, aggressive or otherwise abusive remarks about any individual or company. Kitana Media Network© adheres to a no-tolerance policy. Any offensive material or posting will lead to your account being deleted. Subsequent offenses will lead to your I.P. address being blocked from the server.
  • Post any images or text which are pornographic or violent or otherwise inappropriate for the viewing by younger and older people.
  • Promote websites which contain inappropriate material (such as pornography). (More details on our policy towards piracy are found below). Using the Kitana Media Network© Forums via posts or PMs or in your profile to invite people to competing forums is a bannable offense and we reserve the right to check PMs should we believe this is happening.
  • Post promotional information about any illegal activities (including bulk piracy of VCDs & DVDs). We will not permit people to use the forums to distribute files which are pirated or aid in the production of pirated material including Torrents and direct download links.
  • Post any spam. People posting spam will be instantly and permanently banned and their posts will be deleted. This includes the promoting of any other websites repeatedly.
  • Create their new threads in more than one forum. You should pick the single most appropriate forum for your message. Duplicate posts will be deleted.
  • Use images from 3rd parties' websites without their permission. Linking to an image on someone else's website without their permission is considered to be bandwidth theft. This is not a copyright issue but a bandwidth issue. We have had big problems with people linking to our images without permission and we don't allow members to do the same to other people.
  • Include retailer or manufacturer/distributor information in their signature.
  • Have an inappropriate login name. We do not permit a login name which breaks any of the rules above or includes a business name.
  • Register more than once. Doing so will get one or both registrations and all the posts deleted.
  • Question the judgments or actions of forum moderators. They are far too busy to enter into discussions or arguments.
  • Use advert blocking software or plugins to block the advertising at Kitana Media Network© Forums.

We find that the vast majority of forum members have no problem with the above rules. However, if any of them are broken, then moderators will take appropriate action to ensure the forums remain a pleasant place to visit.

If any forum member feels the moderators have abused their position, then they should contact forum admin (by private message or email) with the full details of the complaint. Contact details are on the 'Contact Us' page.

Please read the additional rules below.

Further/More Detailed Rules and Guidelines
New members may find the following guidelines useful. They were discussed thoroughly by team members and agreed upon in order to keep viewer experiences free of issues/problems.
  • Signatures are there to let people know who you are and perhaps also what kit you have. We strongly encourage people to include their first name as this encourages the friendly nature of the forums.
  • If you have a question you wish to ask in the forums, please first check whether your question has already been answered. You can use the Search facility to do this.
  • Please do not post text in ALL UPPER CASE. The internet community considers this to be SHOUTING and therefore discourteous.
  • When posting a new topic or a reply to an existing topic, please hit the Submit button once only. If there is a delay before your post is processed, please do not hit the Submit button again. This may result in your post appearing twice. If this does accidentally happen, then please delete your duplicate post.
  • Please post your question once only. Even if you think it is relevant in several forums, you should pick the most relevant and post it there. Your question will be seen by lots of people wherever you post it. Duplicate posts swamp the forums and will most likely get deleted.
  • Login names must not be offensive. Additionally there may occasionally be disputes over login names. If you use a login name which is considered to be too similar to an existing user's login name (to the extent that it would cause confusion) then admin reserve the right to change your login name. Login names must not include the names of competing sites/forums.
  • If there is a dispute over the use of avatars (small pictures adopted by users and displayed next to their posts), the user who first used an avatar has the option of retaining it and the new user of the avatar will have to select an alternative. Admin reserve the right to remove people's avatars as we see fit.
  • And finally, if you find you made an error in your post, we ask you to edit it rather than creating another post correcting the mistake.

Kitana Media Network© does not condone or promote piracy of any kind. This specifically includes piracy of
  • Video Material (including copying DVDs/TV-Rips)
  • Music via filesharing in any digital music format not specifically permitted for download in this way
  • Games/Applications that have been leaked, downloaded or copied.

Whether or not you agree with file sharing and whether or not you agree with the ways the big corporations try to combat this 'problem', you may not post anything on these forums which can be interpreted by our moderators as directly promoting piracy.

In conclusion, for our benefit and your benefit, please do not post anything which promotes piracy. It'll only get deleted by a moderator.

Content Copyright
By registering for the Kitana Media Network© Forums you consent that all the content you create on these forums is free of copyright at the point of submission to Kitana Media Network© and becomes property of the Kitana Media Network© upon submission.
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Re: Forum Rules - Everyone Please Read

Postby Suffwan » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:32 pm

Hello people,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to come into the forums and relay some points across regarding forum etiquette and conduct. When I started WENB it was meant to serve as a forum where people could come in and express their opinions on how the game can be improved. Discuss their thoughts on where PES excels and where it requires attention.

Unfortunately, in the light of all the recent announcements and the excitement around PES 2014 it seems as though there is a minority that is ruining the WENB forums experience for many of us, with repeated impoliteness and clear lack of respect. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that as forum members it is important that we strive to keep WENB a mature and respectful domain that provides a home for all PES fans.

Insults, rudeness or lack of respect will not be tolerated. Some of the older members will be aware that I have never been an advocate of banning people, but repeated offences will lead to that by implementing a 3-strike rule. It's really quite simple, being an asshole is not cool and neither will it be tolerated. If you disagree with another member, then simply state that you disagree with justification to support your beliefs. Its that simple.

We want to encourage constructive debates about how the PES series can be improved. It is a crucial time with the launch of a new engine thus we must strive to discuss points and be open to new ideas and points of views. But above everything else we must be respectful in order for this community to maintain the respect it has gained over the years.

In the meantime, please enjoy the PES experience. I know many of you are happy and excited and rightly so as PES is different this year, after all its a new engine. But to those who are still on the fence or maybe disappointed, they say progress is a slow process. If you communicate your views and beliefs on how PES can be improved through the right channels on WENB then down the line PES could become everything you want and more.


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Re: Forum Rules - Everyone Please Read

Postby danny275 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:15 am

Members will receive a warning for using foul or insulting language towards another member. Second offence, a 3 week ban and third offence, permanent ban.

Both the warning and 3 week ban have a 2 week warning period, in which if you curb your behavior, you will be set back to the first warning. However, repeated offences will be dealt with appropriately

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