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Re: FIFA 15 News, Information & Discussion

Postby hugh17 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:38 pm

Please implement defensive AI for FIFA16. When was the last time EA didn't lead with attacking improvements, defending in FIFA15 is near impossible especially when someone just decides to sprint straight for your goal, it should be easier to defend than score!

Also can we turn head to head seasons into an "online manager mode?" So you can choose a home stadium,weather etc. You still play 10 games but have a calender so each season you play and depending on your points total you can qualify for cups. Cup games happen at night time with specific ad-boards and feel different to league games. You have to teach your team tactics, so like football manager you can train your players to play in 3 styles and if you use the same players over time these styles will become familiar. Also possible transfer window, and your budget is entirely dependant on your performance, good last season? Then you might be able to sign one or two players for your team for next season. Contracts could just be based on season by season basis, and if you are relegated you might not be able to renew contracts. Successive relegations could lead to being sacked, at which point you can start in div 10 again and try and build your club and philosophy again. NO PAY TO WIN, a realistic alternative to ultimate team!!

Also injuries and suspensions in this mode! Alongside loading screens for matches that tell you your on-line opponents form,top scorers, assists and club history.

I can't believe that this would be too hard to implement and would offer a good alternative from the HORROR of ultimate team, playing in the rain at aloha park against ronaldo/messi and ibra every single game
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Re: FIFA 15 News, Information & Discussion

Postby mmofifa16 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:21 am

FIFA 16 is better than fifa 15 :D
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