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Open letter to Konami.

Hi Konami:

I speak on behalf of all the fans. Since the employee has less impact on the development of Pes to the main boss. We are your past, but also your present. In the same way, we are your future, closer or farther, that no longer know for sure.

We Konami are a piece of you, and we think that it gives us the privilege to look you to the eyes and tell you with certainty what we think. We are not strangers, we have 25, 32 or 45 years, we live in Spain, Argentina or Japan, we carry a entire life being part of your universe and that makes us irredeemably in a kind of partner travel. This is entertainment, this is a simple game but it isn’t stop being a piece of our lives. A piece of your life.

Because has come the time to say enough. Enough.

We want to sit face to face and have the vis to vis that we, as unconditional fans of the series, we deserve.

Has arrived the moment for you listen the fans, then today PES lives thanks to the encouragement and honor that we show you.

Not long time ago, PES achieved more than 9 million sales in a single game. Today, we are just over two or three million. But very few that we are, we are the ones who have drawn from the gloom to PES. We were in the good, but also bad.

Now beginning to be good times, better would be the right word, then say good is too ambiguous and even risky.

Now many of those who left the ship will return mounted and we shall be hidden into the crowd. So I don’t want you forget us, then we continue rowing in the same boat since you lost the course 9 years ago to continue showing the right road.

Konami only we ask you to be fair with us. That you offer us listen our words and wishes and fight for us, so we fight for you when you swum crosscurrent for the for the tide don’t drag you inside the sea.

We don’t know if your final is near, if there will be many more games or PES 2017 will be the last. We want to play this game as if it were the last. But we want to play. Be fair and give us the power to say what we think.

Before PES fans, we are soccer fans. If there is not soccer, PES would not make sense. PES grew up while, we, children grew up and learned the concept of soccer and its rules.

We love soccer. And as such, we ask you soccer. We ask you to be fair with soccer and you fight to represent this sport with the tools you have in hand.

Put points or arrows on free throws, it is an example of harm to soccer. He does not deserve that and fan less. See lines in free throws hurts us, it hurts us, that’s not what we want.We want soccer, we want simulation, we want to see people get tired, that they are not perfect in shooting and passing, we want to see the atmosphere of intense soccer game, we want a green lawn, but green as we see in games on TV. We want players collide with each other and not left in shock. That they make a real sliding tackle, not 2 meters long. That goal nets have life. That we have a filter to play online manual with people who like some of us, seeking greater difficulty. We want a more powerful editor to create the team or stadium of our neighborhood.

We want soccer. We love soccer. Give us soccer.

12143256_1463236_408143634_n (1)Because we are aware that you have a finite budget. We will ask you licenses, but we will don’t require licenses. The thing that we want is you show that love for the saga that we have. Implement details, innovate, sacrifice for us. We want to receive the love we give, we want the intention to make us happy. And that love has nothing to do with money, that love it shown listening to fans, to love the product that you work every day in the office, to come home, greet your family and feel good to know that you will soon be filling more families with joy.

We value the acquisition of licenses, fighting to achieve the more the better, it hurts not having the Premier or the Bundesliga, but when leagues are loss, stadiums or teams, we do not judge. We will judge when we see that the product is neglected in other areas, when in Master League can’t choose the game time, when you have to play four games in a row at home, when you remove the community mode, when the PC version is abandoned, when you do not incorporate a manual full filter, when the cameras can’t be modified online. We judge and bother when there is no mime, when the problem goes beyond money.

We have the humility of one who preferred to score a goal with Roberto Larcos to do with Roberto Carlos or the humility of one who preferred to play in the Chamartin rather than the Bernabeu. Because both within the country and outside, you were a team that worked with love, with feelings, you were able to color their hair blond to the selection of Romania or incorporate fogging in the players. You had the courage to show the world that history is not written with dollar ink if not with the hearth ink. You have sold more than 92 million PES in your history, and that we have not made only with money, if not with the power of who wakes up every day and goes to his office loving his work and valuing his life because there is nothing more rewarding than improving the lives of those around us, the true feeling of fullness is achieved when in the way of making others happy we are proud and fully happy of what we are and do.

I go every day to my work with complete certainty that I will give 100% of me and that far from leading a paid each month to my house, I will bring the feeling that I am a good guy and the day that I die if anything I will not regret would have been fighting to bring smiles to the homes of those around me.


Although for many people it sounds ridiculous, PES is more than a video game, PES has a soul and that’s hard to explain to the people who just love video games. I have clear that PES crosses the border of what is a video game to push out into the personal. We lie if we said that PES is not a piece of our being. Year after year, is a really important event for our lives. With PES we frustrated, we glad, we excites and we disappointed. When PES fan comes in the month of September to the store and buy PES, not only provides money, delivery is also a piece of his being, his soul. It’s like PES were all of us, as if somehow all video game fans were present on the disk that comes on consoles, and although physically we do not go in the end credits, are part of these credits.

So Konami, I ask you with all my heart that values ​​the particular love of the fan to this saga. Fans are in every game, but with this particular, it’s out of our hand the power that the first PES have left sown in our interiors. Since who loves PES until who is angry with PES, everyone, absolutely everyone concerned about the future of the saga every year. You have sown a seed in our childhood and now those children have grown up and want explanations, they want facts, want to be heard, because when we talk about PES not talking about a game either. We talk about a part of our being. With our smiles and our scars. With our celebrations and sorrows.

For better or worse, PES is part of the journey that we are crossing in our lives.


You might think I’m a crazy guy who writes 4 words, but I insist, behind the Pro Evolution Soccer series there is a great mass of people to who owe part of what you are today Konami. We have created strong ties with our brothers, cousins, friends.  With 12 and 15 years we met all friends to play PES, with 18 years we have stopped getting drunk by staying all night playing PES, with 23 years we have preferred the PES that our girlfriends, with 30 years we hesitated to have a son, because if we had, we would devote fewer hours to PES and already 38 years we have realized that our child is like us when we were 8 years and were testing pro ISS and is then when you understand that PES has shaped and changed you of some way your life.

Is then when you open your eyes, you look Konami face to face and ask, with the deepest part of your being,  that never forget that what made PES great was humility and enthusiasm in their work.

Grant us this Vis to Vis, Konami, because everything we have suffered in recent years by PES, we want healing now together. Listen to the community. I know that you’re trying, but I want to be a reality, that you really listen us. Together, we will find the way. We must be more united than ever. Now is the time. The field is ours. But the soul too.

Written by Carlos González Bravo (KurosakiCarlos)

Translated by Frank Jose Roas from the original spanish letter. https://winningelevenblog.es/blog/carta-abierta-a-konami-escucha-a-la-comunidad/

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  • Don´t waste your time, as a fan of PC they must be a shamed, i have all the PC versions since 2014, i didn’t buy PES 2015 & 2016 because of this! Poor Port, trash, even the graphics are bad. The import kit was not the same as PS4, i don´t care if it was exclusive, we must stop Sony Exclusives or with good or bad things. Thanks.

  • miguel martin

    Es el único juego junto con los gran turismo que eran y son compra fija todos los años,han perdido la batalla del marketing pero siguen teniendo alma y eso hoy en día es muchisimo decir