PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

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PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

Postby IshanPES » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:55 pm

Post your ideas to PES 2017 feedback here!!!!!!! I post my here!!!!!
Feedback for Konami!
Konami managed to spoil a game that had everything to be the best ever !!!!!!!!! Not in gameplay because after the upgrade was perfect (now there's always a matter of taste between PES and FIFA but the gameplay was perfect and the analyzes do not lie) !!!!!!!! But the content and professionalism dictated that PES 2016 stayed behind FIFA 16 !!!!!!!!!!
Lack richness in detail, more professionalism on the part of Konami !!!!!!! A lot of people do not play PES more because of it !!!!!!! He lacked respect and professionalism on the part of Konami !!!!!!!!!! And this new DLC did not help (only updated transfers until the day 30/08 in offline, but online everything is correct and the Brazilians were furious because the Brasileirão is all outdated)! I will quote what needs to improve to regain attention to fans;
-Reduce The delay (delay of 1 second in command), more stable servers in the online and Fellers punishment system;
Gameplay enhancements:
-goalkeepers (implement more realistic flights, and improve them also to defend shots in creeping in 1 on 1, where the best solution would be to make motion capture with a good goalkeeper like Buffon and Neuer);
IA (greater variety of moves, because this PES 2016 the CPU moves are very predictable, what we are asking is that Konami let the more unpredictable and more real CPU moves);
-option of save 10 tatics in every times!!!!!
-more control the direction of the shot (is very automated, and Konami has to work very hard in this respect by have almost any direction, other than for the left, middle or right so it could be more "manual" and would have full control about where the shot is directed;
-More dribbling and be more effective in implementing (lacking the touches, the "fake rabona", the "drag back fake", the "hop ball", the "ball roll flick", the "Berba spin", the "Bolasie Flick", the "double touch spin", "dummy control", "fake pass", etc ... ..), give another touch up the game;
Best players in the physical (eg a shot when the body position is left not kick with his right but to the left, and improve visuals that seem a little robotic);
Replays: please leave in normal and no slow motion, and more kinds of angle without being behind the goal or midfield and start when you click the image becomes stagnant for 1/2 seconds which irritates a bit (to correct) !
Advantage rule and referees (although they are 100x better than PES 2015 still need to be a little better for being excellent);
Graph fans: are very pixelated, and arrives to give a horrible contrast the field with the fans and also the hair less pixelated players;
-implement Fair Play and handball!
-shirt pulling!
Details and ambiance in the stadium:
-fans and song: more real songs (most clubs have generic chants and gets to be annoying because it takes all that magic around a football stadium and those who have only have one: cases of PSG, Real, Bayern, Barca, United, Inter, Juventus and Milan), so Konami wake, less pixelated fans and greater interference with the game (type in a dangerous shot saying: uhhhhh !!!!, or when the opposite team counterattack or has possession they whistle etc. ....);
-More Stadiums with aerial image, even generics (Maracana once was a good step forward);
-coaches and referees with actual appearance (it would be very interesting Konami put his coaching appearance and referees)
-More animations in game: Implementation of the ball boy (instead of the game be paused could add the ball boy that would deliver the ball was out of bounds on the goal kick, corner and launches), players have an intelligent reaction with the ball (imagine the ball is on the ground at launch, then the player catches the ball and throws to the colleague, or a corner the ball is in so foot ground him and will seek to put in the corner spot, etc ....) barrier spray, goal-line technology, goal referees in Champions, more realistic sounds (such as the ball hitting the crossbar and hear a bang or a player yelling because his colleague made a defensive error or so) more choice in every modes(eg we can choose whether we carry out the starting day or night in a contest, game time, network types, color, grass style, etc ...), implementation of the choice of field and the ball, alternate may become hot and are not those dolls that are moving and can not thank the fans at the end of the game, camera'mans and more mobile security, more natural assistant referees in the corner (stand still breathe only) goal celebration with alternates, real television placards for licensed leagues(Liga BBVA, Ligue 1 and Eredvisie) and generic placards but in a different color for generic alloys, real-time statistics of clubs, bottles of water at the foot of the goalkeeper to contract with sports channels to put in the game, etc ....
-The Master League perfect for me would be a mixture of PES 6, PES 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016 !!! Plus the actual training center and the capacity of the stadiums as FIFA did this year in career mode!
training identical to FIFA and more options in edit mode (in addition to the uniforms and badges, be possible to create songs, alloys (rather than those generic) and stadiums also edit the generic scores of generic alloys, etc ....) and a League Creator!!!!!
-More and more licenses or stadiums that are generic (Konami could invest in Africa, Asia and the rest of Europe (as an alloying Turkish, Portuguese, Greek or Russian leagues) and put 40 stadiums if only because 22 is very little, why don't put 20 spanish stadiums, Estadio de Alvalade, Estádio da Luz, Estádio do Dragão or Stadio Olimpico like PES 13?), and a generic Bundesliga (German League generic)
The most important: respect for fans !!!!!!! Update the rosters on the first day of PES launchements!!!!!!!!!
I hope that Konami learn from their mistakes and to create a PES 2017 based on this idea and change the critics !!!!!! If you do this PES goes back to the top !!!!!!! I still believe in PES 2018 but if there is no great progress next year is the end for me and maybe every PES fans.... I hope Konami chord and make a decent PES for fans and return to glory!!!!!!! If you see that you can not sell the franchise for 2K, Ubisoft or Sony !!!!!!!! They do a much better job than Konami content and equaled its gameplay !!!!!! If you dont control Fox Engine very well for PES, make a new engine for PES! Be strong Konami and do a very spetacular PES 2017 game with this details very importants in a football game!!!!!
Viva PES! I'm from Portugal!!!!!!
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Re: PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

Postby MotherHen » Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:53 pm

Posting this on here is a waste of time. No-one from Konami comes on here anymore.
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Re: PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

Postby samuel » Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:15 am

More rewards in become a legend
Training sequels.. for example in flick
Android game by konami
Records to beat
Expectations before game
But not heavy and compromising
On general relaxed fun
More of a story behind careers
Critics and highlights for player
After each game
Then also player of the week and so on
For example also goals of the week
By perhaps hidden category

Opportunity to captain
For example more of a real life like
Mixed with arcade feel story
Behind the scenes

And commentating adjusted
For such scenes

A more comprehensive management
Option in master league
Dealing with player expectations
But no moods but feedback
From players

More of an off game scene addition in general
Complementing the games competitive
Nature and rewarding and fluid
Game play

Thank you, perhaps a point system
Revamped as to not be overly competitive
But smudged to appear appealing

What is needed is on going
Game engine technical football coverage
Like fifa, and also team of the week fixtures
Against other leagues more exciting
Than national call ups and more
Added competitions this is in become a legend

Thank you again
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Re: PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

Postby Archangel22 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:57 pm

doubt they come here but if they do for the love of god make it easier to share roster updates, emblems, team jerseys etc. updating this 1 by 1 on ps4 is sooooooooooo time consuming. On the ps3 its so much easier, I get that gamesaves are logged to user profiles but come on there has to be a way to allow this for everyone.
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Re: PES 2017 feedback for Konami!!!! Important!!!!!!!!

Postby Datiss » Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:25 pm

The top 90 percent shooting CPU ground shot. My question is really why ??? !!!

Camera close-up grass quality is very bad !!! Why should close the camera is 60 form rate

Manufacturers camera can take close-up rate of 30 frames. To take up the game graphics

Create stadium in the game should be.

And climate variability in the game is very low. Snow is not no game, and even sunset.

Transfer the game is very easy and not challenging!

Sports shorts players like tube. As well as any movement. As players Sleeve Shirt movement. And like dry wood?

Lighting a day is not good

Passes between players in the game should be more challenging. And the percent shooting error in the game!

Dribbling players in the game sometimes is easy

Injury in the game is not challenging at all.

And should any part of the body is injured, the body part injured animation show and injuries have dynamic mode according to the type of collisions between players.

Referee's disaster. And during the time between the players very low fouls happens. And has entered the great hit game

Slow scenes in the game are not high quality.

  And when the ball goes outside the playing field is cut very bad image for an eighth generation?
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